As TikTok started being scrutinized by governments across the world, Instagram made what is perhaps one of its biggest pivots this year. It introduced Reels, a short-video format much like TikTok, and now in a new update, the app is going to centre around the new feature more than the traditional posts.

The update was announced on Thursday and features a revamped home screen that is presently rolling out to users. The new home screen rearranged the layout of the navigation bar and the top bar, indicating clearly what the app wants you to use more.

The big Create option in the middle of the navigation bar is being replaced by a shortcut to Reels, and in areas where it’s active, Shopping. The Create option is now moved to the top corner, beside the DM icon.

The new design makes no bones of what’s more important for the app and its users now. It’s also a distinct move away from the traditional photo posts that made Instagram what it is right now. The move comes after Instagram tweaked the way it presented posts to users. It introduced “Suggested posts” in August which includes content from account you don’t follow, while the more recent revamp was the integration of DMs with Facebook Messenger and introducing themes, threaded replies and a bunch of new features to direct messaging.

The new layout should roll out to all users in a few days, but whether it will be enjoyed by Instagram’s wide set of users, remains to be seen.

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