A few months ago, Garmin had announced the solar versions of their popular Garmin Instinct and Fenix 6 series of fitness watches, and now, the company has launched their Venu SQ and Venu SQ Music smartwatches in India. The Venu SQ isn’t supposed to replace the existing Venu smartwatch, but instead, augments that lineup with a new price point.

Garmin is pegging the Venu SQ and Venue SQ Music as smartwatches based on a number of functions the watches provide. For starters, they offer notifications on the wrist for such things as messages, calls etc, however, only Android users will be able to respond to messages on the Garmin Venu SQ. The Venu SQ also supports apps, which can be downloaded from Garmin’s own Connect IQ Store. In terms of fitness tracking, the duo offer the same set of activities that they can track, which includes running, walking, cycling, yoga, swimming (in a pool) and even golf. The Venu SQ and Venu SQ Music also get an SpO2 meter, allowing you to take your blood oxygenation readings throughout the day. Garmin also uses the SpO2 sensor to deliver more insightful sleep data, while also offering the VO2 Max metric, something that athletes require.

The Venu SQ and Venu SQ Music only differ in the fact that the latter allows you to download and stream music straight from the watch through third party apps such as Spotify. The Venu SQ duo also boast of impressive battery life of up to 6 days in smartwatch mode. However, start using them for outdoor workouts with GPS enabled and that total battery life drops to 14 hours. On the Venu SQ Music, if you have both music and GPS running together, then the watch will deliver up to 6 hours of battery life in total. The Instinct in comparison, which isn’t marketed as a smartwatch, offers 5 days battery life.

Garmin has made the Venu SQ available for purchase already. The Venu SQ can be bought for Rs 21,090 while the Venu SQ Music comes with a price tag of Rs 26,290.


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